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Paul Gibbs was a prototype engineer, worked with a variety of chemicals and gained years of knowledge during his years in the plating industry. Later in his career, in 1969 as a professional Harley Davidson rebuilder he developed a multi-surface conditioned that would revolutionize the chemical industry: A penetrant designed to be used in the marine, automotive and motorcycle industries.

Because the product he perfected contained none of the chemicals that the competitive market utilized, Paul was able to get the product patented in the USA. After intense testing Gibbs Brand Penetrant became the first patented product of its kind.

Its unique formula replaces several products as a cleaner, penetrant, corrosion inhibitor, waterproofer, and lubricant. Gibbs Brand contains No Waxes, No Acids, No Corrosives, No Silicones, No Abrasives, No Teflon, No Graphite, No Arsenic, No Kerosene, No Perfumes, No Carcinogens, and No Synthetics.

Over it's lifetime Gibbs has been used by NASA, Rockwell, UPS, Ford Motor Co., Bell South, Burlington Industries, and many other companies around the world. In the 1970's Gibbs was put to use by Jacques Cousteau and his underwater expeditions. In addition to being used on his equipment it was also used to loosen and preserve materials exhumed from the bottom of the sea.

In the 1980's Gibbs was marketed mainly in the farm and machinery industries. Farmers used Gibbs to keep the inside as well as the outside of machinery well lubricated and protected from the elements. Gibbs is non-conductive, so it can be used as a contact cleaner and corrosion preventer.

In the 1990's the weapons industry became Gibbs Brand's largest market and still is today. Now being used by the FBI, Chicago police dept, Detroit police dept, the military, and at hundreds of other departments around the country. Gibbs has become the ultimate cleaning agent for guns. Because of its thin viscosity and rust-inhibiting capability, Gibbs eliminates jamming and keeps moving parts friction free. Sport fishing enthusiasts are now starting to use Gibbs on their boats as well as to keep their fishing reels well lubricated and corrosion free.

As we move into the new millennium classic car enthusiasts as well as the professional auto restorer, including custom body & paint shops are starting to realize the benefits of using Gibbs Brand.

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