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Gibbs Brand Lubricant

GIBBS increases the life and operating efficiency of
parts, equipment and tools while protecting against
rust, corrosion and oxidation.

GIBBS BRAND LUBRICANT is a Deep Cleaner, Mega Penetrant, Ultra Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Water Repellent, and Surface Preservative.

GIBBS reverses the effects of oxidation and is the only product of its kind that undercoats metal and can be painted over. Bare metal that has been treated with GIBBS can be touched and handled by dirty hands ... without leaving any stains or marks!

GIBBS penetrates ... it has a lower viscosity than water and will enter pores that are as small as one micron! GIBBS will replace all the other lubricant, penetrant and degreaser products you use, including white lithium grease, silicone, teflon, contact cleaner, carburettor cleaner and belt dressing ... as well as any vinyl, leather and wood treatment products ... and that saves you a whole lot of money!

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