How to Apply Gibbs

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Rust repairs

Because Gibbs Brand is a "mega penetrant" that is thinner than water, it works its way right into the pores of the metal. Applying Gibbs Brand is similar to using wood stain on hardwood — and not at all like paint.

Before using Gibbs Brand, shake the can well, and make sure to only use it in a ventilated area.

Penetrating Oil

Put a couple of drops of Gibbs Brand as close as possible to the area where it's needed. Gibbs Brand begins to work right away.

In cases where fasteners or parts are completely frozen, use as above and then apply another couple of drops of Gibbs Brand a day later. If at all possible, wait until the third day to carefully free up the parts.

Rust Remover

Gibbs Brand not only protects metal surfaces from oxidizing, but when it's applied to rusty surfaces, it actually reverses the effects of the oxidization process.

Spray a light coat of Gibbs Brand over the rusted area. Where needed, use a paper towel to gently wipe it into a uniform coat. Let it site overnight. On badly rusted surfaces, spray on a heavier coat, but wait a couple of days to wipe it down.

Surface Conditioner

Correctly applied on bare metal, a light coat of Gibbs Brand will minimize the possibility of oxidization. Over time, the more times Gibbs Brand is applied, the more effective it will be.

Follow these directions exactly:
If possible, start with a clean surface. Spray a small amount of Gibbs Brand in a few streaks across the area that you're working on. Then, use a clean paper towel to gently wipe the Gibbs over the entire surface that you want to protect. You can then use another clean paper towel to lightly wipe off any excess. Whenever you're using Gibbs, always wipe gently with a very light pressure, leaving it where it's needed. As soon as any clean, bare metal has been treated as explained above, you can touch it with a dirty, sweaty hand, without leaving a stain.

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